Communication and Transparency

I am hearing that residents would like monthly or weekly satellite offices to provide access across our expansive County. If elected, I will continue hosting opportunities, in a variety of settings, to stay engaged with residents and to be fully aware of their concerns and thoughts on the direction of our County. My goal is to facilitate efficient ongoing communication and provide opportunities for timely resolution of our community’s needs. 

Meeting the needs of citizens for whom access to technology and/or physical government offices is limited is a key priority in making sure we represent all members of our community. 

Schools and Community Resources 

A large number of families who move to Chesterfield County do so because of our highly-rated school system. The increase in property values that results from this demand contributes significantly to our tax income, which we use to fund the entire county. We must fund our schools not just to the point of adequacy, but to a level at which we can maintain and grow our reputation as the state-wide leader that Chesterfield County Public Schools has spent decades building.  

We also know that residents remain in our County because of our incredible access to the arts, trails, sport courts, libraries and other activities that offer opportunities for our citizens to come together and experience our community. To remain attractive to residents of all ages and backgrounds, we must be diligent in making sure we provide community resources that meet the needs of our diverse County. 

With my depth of experience in various education and government positions, I am well prepared to work with county stakeholders, residents, school board representatives, and my fellow Supervisors as we plan for the next decade of Chesterfield County’s remarkable history. 

Strategic Development and Long-Term Planning

While Chesterfield County boasts a low unemployment rate, many of our residents struggle to support their family, as is indicated by our growing poverty rate. We need to not only aggressively attract businesses that pay a living wage but also consider novel solutions to the real obstacles that our residents face, including an intentional approach to residential development that provides a diversity of housing options and continue to encourage business development in strategic locations. 

As we continue to be a sought-after area for development, both commercial and residential, we must factor in the impact that such growth will have on our residents. A high priority for me will be to strategically plan for the future needs of our residents in the areas of infrastructure, schools, and community resources. 

“I am proud to call Midlothian home and stand by my record of working to support our community. I will continue to be a relentless advocate for our public schools, teachers and all of our kids.” -Javaid

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